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Deportation and Removal in Atlanta & Marietta

When you have violated immigration laws, or are found to be in the U.S.A. illegally, deportation or removal proceedings could be initiated to get you out of the country. When this occurs, it can be a tragic and traumatic circumstance for a family that hopes to stay together, or for an individual who has made their lives in the U.S.A. and no longer wishes to reside in their home country.

Deportation, although technically not a legal punishment, can deprive an immigrant “of all that makes life worth living”. (Ng Fong Ho v. White, 259 U.S.276, 284). Deportation on certain grounds may even strip an alien of his social security benefits.

There may be legal options for those who are facing deportation hearings or removal from the country. It is crucial that you immediately get help from an Immigration Attorney to assist you in exploring all your legal options. You should not go it alone. The government will be represented by a well qualified attorney in the proceedings against you. You need a dedicated Immigration Attorney. Immigration Law is very complicated and constantly changing.A situation that looked hopeless yesterday, may today have a relief based on a new precedential decision, or even based on a new memorandum or policy change.

In a nutshell, there are 6 classes of deportable aliens;

  1. Those inadmissible at time of entry or of adjustment of status or those who violate their status
  2. Those convicted of certain criminal offenses
  3. Those failing to register and falsification of documents
  4. Those deportable for security and related grounds
  5. Those deportable on the grounds of being a public charge
  6. Those deportable for falsely claiming to be US citizens or for unlawful voting.

There are discretionary, statutory and administrative relief that may be available to persons in removal/deportation proceedings such as;

  1. Cancellation of removal for LPRs
  2. Cancellation of removal and AOS for non LPRs
  3. Former 212(c) relief
  4. Asylum
  5. Withholding
  6. Protection under the Convention Against Torture
  7. Adjustment of status
  8. Deferred Action
  9. Temporary Protected Status
  10. Prosecutorial Discretion
  11. Voluntary departure.

Some of the administrative relief include;

  1. Stay of removal
  2. Administrative appeal to the BIA
  3. Judicial review

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