Atlanta Immigration and Deportation Appeals

Deportation or Immigration Appeals in Marietta & Atlanta

You have a right to appeal decisions made by the immigration authorities. However, this must be done carefully and correctly if one hopes to continue to stay in the United States. It is strongly advised that you contact a skilled Immigration Appeals Attorney at once to assist you in the process. At the Immigration Law Office of Victor Okeke, your case can be evaluated and the correct method and form of the appeal can be initiated on your behalf. Time is also of the essence with these appeals. This process is extremely important, as it can be the final decision regarding your ability to stay in the country and to keep your family together.

Immigration Appeals Attorney in Atlanta

Each person has individual and unique circumstances regarding their status in the country. In order to initiate legal actions to assist you, it is necessary to evaluate your case and determine how to best move forward in appealing any deportation or removal order. In some cases, the individual possessed a green card, but it was revoked due to a variety of reasons. In other cases, it could be that you entered the country on a work or visitor visa and did not leave when required, but continued to make your life in the U.S.A. Each case may require a different type of legal action in order to fight to keep your residency in the U.S.A. With assistance from the Immigration Law Office of Victor Okeke, the correct legal action can be determined and filed on your behalf.

You can be assured that every effort will be made to fight to keep you in the country. There may be several levels of appeals that are done on your behalf, depending on whether your appeal is granted or not on the first hearing. The laws are very specific regarding immigration, and a full understanding of how to work within this system to achieve the goal of the client and their families is the ultimate goal of the Immigration Law Office of Victor Okeke. Mr. Okeke is an immigrant himself, and fully understands the importance of these matters to you and your family. Every legal effort will be made to keep you living in the U.S.A.

Contact a Marietta Immigration Appeals Attorney from the Immigration Law Office of Victor Okeke if you are in trouble with immigration authorities and need legal representation to assist you in fighting to resolve the matter.